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Roofing Buggy

The "Roofing Buggy" is a versatile piece of equipment that allows us to complete your roofing job quickly, cleanly and effectively. The Roofing Buggy system is a towable mechanical lift box that allows our professional roofing team to easily access your roof and keep roofing waste contained rather than scattered across your yard. Roofing projects can be messy, and shingles and flashing can litter your flowerbeds and landscaping. If you are adding a new roof to your home, the tear-off of the old roof can create a large amount of debris.

The Roofing Buggy holds all the waste so there will be no damage to your landscaping and no roofing litter in your yard after project completion. It also saves our roofing team a great deal of time and work that would otherwise be spent cleaning your property rather than working on your roof. We simply haul the debris-filled Roofing Buggy to the appropriate disposal site and complete our work quickly and efficiently.
Man operating the machine — Roofing Buggy system in Rochester, NH
Roofing buggy — Roofing Buggy system in Rochester, NH